Fake Stock

Track stocks on the Investopedia platform easily with live updates from the IEX developer API.


In March of 2018 some friends and I started an investing competition through Investopedia. The UI wasn't the greatest, so I wanted to make something to get prices faster without having to refresh as well as search for stocks. Over time the allure wore off and I stopped playing, but the project lives on.


Fake Stock is built with:

  • React/Redux (Create React App base)
  • Semantic UI React
  • IEX Developer Platform (stocks)
  • A bleeding edge, disruptive algorithm for parsing data (aka regexes, maps, filters, and reduces)
  • Netlify


This project is probably about as far as it'll ever go, but here were some of the ideas I had in mind.

Mobile responsiveness

The app was meant to be used mainly on the desktop, so no attempt at responsiveness has been made. It's best viewed at > 1200px wide.

Portfolio value over time

Since each iteration of the portfolio is saved, it should be simple to show a graph or display of the total value over time.

Automated updates to portfolio

While Investopedia doesn't have an open API, there are several wrappers that would allow a headless login experience. I envisioned a daily job to go and update each user's portfolio, but managing passwords and a server is overkill for this little project.

In-app trading

Currently Investopedia runs trades after a ~15 minute wait time. I wanted to add a tracker that would let the user know how much time was left in their trade and automatically update their portfolio once it had been completed. The user would have to manually add the trade here, but could click on a link with query params to open up the Investopedia page with pre-filled values.

For instance, the link below would open the page to sell 4500 shares of Trivago.